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Analysis of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP action plans for South Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia)

Open Society Institute
The European Union has agreed Action Plans jointly with the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia as part of the extension of the European Neighbourhood Policy to the South Caucasus. These Action Plans serve as an agenda setting and benchmarking instrument for the improvement of European Union relations with these countries and as an encouragement to their governments to implement reforms. This paper looks at the implications of these plans, their main objectives, similarities and differences.
There is a reference in each introduction to objectives based on commitments to shared values but no direct reference to human rights or rule of law. All three refer to a commitment to political, economic and institutional reforms as well as approximation of laws, norms and standards of each partner country to those of the European Union, The incentives on offer from the European Commission are a stake in the internal market, increased scope and intensity of political dialogue, deepening trade and economic investment, including economic legislative convergence, lowering tariff barriers and assistance for regional integration. In all three action plans the European Commission offers the perspective of enhanced dialogue on issues relating to the movement of people.
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Contributor: Open Society Institute - http://www.soros.org/
Topic: Politics and Governance
Country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Document Type: Policy Analyses
Year: 2007
Keywords: Cross-Border Cooperation, Economic Integration, EU Policy, Foreign Policy, Foreign Trade
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