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Center for Economic and Social Development Contributions

The Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) has been set up to promote research and analysis into domestic economic and social issues in order to positively influence the public policy decision-making processes. The Center is a leading think tank working with and establishing a bridge between government and the various representatives of civil society. CESD has an integrated approach to public policy issues. It seeks to analyze issues interchangeably, providing a more conceptual and inclusive approach to economic policy, identifying and analyzing not only the operational efficiencies of projects and policy issues within different sectors or regions, but the added value that can be seen from analyzing issues together. CESD investigates allocation efficiencies among sectors or projects, particularly those that have a longer-term or wider-coverage approach.

Economic Research Center Contributions

The Economic Research Center is an independent non-profit research institution established in July 1999. The mission of ERC is to promote the provision of sustainable economic development and good governance. The goals of the centre are to spread economic reform and the market economy in Azerbaijan, to develop market values, to supply people and businessmen with the necessary information on law and economics, and to give them accurate information about economic events and legal processes, market mechanisms and market infrastructure activity, to promote reforms, and provide scientific analysis. Their activities include providing policy advice to the Government of Azerbaijan, conducting research for other development institutions on key development issues, and contributing to national capacity-building and raising public awareness of socio-economic issues.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Azerbaijan Contributions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan is a Cabinet-level governmental agency in Azerbaijan Republic in charge of conducting and designing Azerbaijani Foreign policy.