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GEA - Center for Research and Studies – is a nongovernmental and nonprofitable organization that initializes and supports reforms of domestic policies important for sustainable development. The mission of the organization is to promote research and informed debates about public policies that are important for sustainable development, to support human capital growth as well as the development and application of science.

Foundation Mozaik Contributions

Foundation Mozaik is working with citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to equip people to solve community problems. We provide financial support for local initiatives and help people to find other sources of support for their activities. Our training and support help citizens take advantage of local business contributions, government support, and citizen volunteer hours, in addition to international donor assistance.

Media Plan Institute Contributions

Media Online is a journal concerned with the media situation in the region of South East Europe. They endeavour to facilitate the process of transformation and professionalisation in the region and provide the forum for media experts and journalists to advance their own media practice through exchange of experiences with colleagues from other countries in transition. They established a network of correspondents from South East Europe who follow developments in the media arenas of their respective countries for the purposes of Media Online. The journal is thus able to provide the most interesting information on the media situation as well as comprehensive short and long term analyses and reports.

Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina Contributions

Since its founding in 1993, the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina has been developing programs in touch with all the changes that shape the BandH society. It has remained dedicated to its initiating idea for developing an open society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The priority program areas of the foundation in the period 2004-06 are Education, Law, Civil Society, Roma, and Local Governance.