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Adriatic Institute for Public Policy Contributions

The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy (AI) is an independent free market think tank founded in 2004 in Rijeka, Croatia and dedicated to advancing economic freedom and advocating free market reforms in Croatia and southeast Europe. AI promotes innovative thinking and advancing principled and pro-growth solutions that have been successfully implemented in eastern Europe's post-communist countries. The organization has dedicated its resources to sponsor research, conferences and strategic events that augment that competition of ideas by featuring experts in the fields ranging from economics to security. The free market think tank emphasizes the importance of free market principles based on the rule of law, an independent judiciary, protection of property rights, economic freedom and limited government. It does not seek or receive any government funding.

Centre for Educational Research and Development Contributions

CERD is a research unit within the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb that carries out fundamental and applied research on education. It was founded in January of 2001, on the initiative of professors from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. CERD has three basic activities, to carry out scientific research, to educate through postgraduate studies, summer school, seminars and to publish the results of its research. The work programme of CERD covers all aspects of the educational system from the national curriculum to the system of management and financing of education. The work of CERD is based on cooperation and partnership with national and international institutions. CERD also acts as a center for the knowledge accumulated in Croatia, a meeting place for cooperation of academic and research institutions, pedagogical faculties, teacher colleges and other institutions concerned with education in the country and neighboring countries.

Centre for Policy for the Development of Small Enterprises Contributions

SME Policy Center is the first think-tank in Croatia, which deals with problems facing the small and medium enterprise sector. Our mission is to advance the development of SME's in Croatia through supporting a favorable policy environment and to provide a voice for their interest in relevant institutions and to the public. We are a non-profit organization financed from donations, membership fees and other activities allowed by the law. CEPOR is not a business center and we provide no training or counseling. We want to be independent and work on developing SME sector by advising the Government and other interested institutions about the needs of SMEs and possible policy solutions. In order to stimulate the development of the SME sector in Croatia, both through policy advice and market creation for business development services for SMEs; OSI Croatia and Government of Croatia signed an agreement to cooperate in establishing a policy center. The best way to implement this combined approach is creating a new independent structure. It is important that the SME policy is kept outside of the Government and OSI structures to ensure that it will be an independent and market development facilitator, setting the agenda by advising the Government and other institutions responsible or interested in SMEs about the needs of the SME sector (in terms of diagnosing the needs and suggesting policy solutions.

Culturelink Network Contributions

Aiming to stimulate its members and partners to establish contacts with others active in their fields of interest, the Culturelink Network established the interactive, searchable Culturelink Members and Partners Database, offering members and partners, as well as all other cultural professionals, an efficient tool for establishing new ways of cooperation.

IDEMO Institute for Democracy Contributions

IDEMO Institute for Democracy is a newly formed Croatian non-governmental organization, which aims to encourage the development and advancement of democracy worldwide. It was created in response to the need for greater independent in-depth analysis of democratic processes and the complex issues associated with the promotion of democracy. As a result, IDEMO focuses its activities on research, advocacy, and the development of sound public policy. While its principle focus is Croatia, IDEMO intends to create projects and extend its activities to other regions of the world, as need arises.

Institute for International Relations Contributions

The Institute for International Relations (IMO) is a public, non-profit, policy research organization engaged in the interdisciplinary study of a) international economic and political relations; b) transitional policy; c) international markets; d) sustainable development; e) resource economics and environmental policy; f) foreign policy analysis; g) strategic decision analysis and h) culture and communication. IMO's activities emphasize high quality interdisciplinary research and scientific analysis of crucial social and policy issues of international scope and global importance.

Institute of Public Finance Contributions

The Institute of Public Finance, founded in 1970, is a public institution primarily dealing with research into economic topics important for economic growth and development, transition to the market economy and meeting the requirements for European integration. Under the general aegis of public sector economics, topics such as transparency, accountability and participation, the tax system, costs of taxation, progressiveness of taxation, fiscal federalism, the pensions system and the welfare system, public debt, the unofficial economy, state aid, foreign direct investment, the financing of science and higher education, and the relations between the executive branch and the legislature in the budgetary process are subjected to ongoing investigation.