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Estonian Institute of Economics Contributions

The Estonian Institute of Economics was established in 1947 under the Estonian Academy of Sciences and merged with Tallinn University of Technology in 1997 as an independent research institute. The main directions of research are: a) Institutional structure and convergence: current problems of the Estonian socio-economic system; b) Modelling and socio-economic evaluation of the sustainable utilisation of Estonian natural resources.

International Center for Defence Studies Contributions

The mission of the International Center for Defence Studies is to become the regional hub of first choice for the security and defence communities of Estonia and her Euro-Atlantic Allies in accessing cutting edge analysis of international security and defence issues. The threefold purpose of ICDS research is to strengthen Estonia’s defence sector by identifying best practices, sharpen strategic thinking in NATO and the EU on security issues in the Baltic-Nordic region and deepen appreciation for Estonia’s contributions to Euro-Atlantic security through Estonia’s participation in international military operations; leadership on cyber security; and experience with security, political, and economic reforms.

PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies Contributions

PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies is an independent not-for-profit think tank based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in 2000, the mission of PRAXIS is to improve and contribute to the policy-making process in Estonia by conducting independent research, providing strategic counsel to policy makers and fostering public debate. PRAXIS aims to develop this kind of practical knowledge as well as to offer its know-how and expertise to identify and tackle key problems in the society, and provide practical recommendations to policy makers.