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Analytica Contributions

Analytica is non-profit independent institution dedicated to helping individuals and institutions foster lasting improvement to democracy and governance in Macedonia and Southeast Europe. It is a unique institution - foundation, public policy research organization, and a "think tank". It draws solutions to contemporary problems from the ideas, principles and traditions that make Macedonia such an important historical, and geopolitical place. It is dedicated to promoting greater cooperation and understanding among the people in Macedonia, and wider in the region of Southeast Europe.

Balkan Civil Society Development Network Contributions

Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) is a network of 15 civil society organizations from 10 countries and territories in South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey).

Center for Economic Analyses Contributions

Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) is a recently established think tank of young economists who have received their professional education and/or training through studying on western universities, attending seminars and courses organized by international financial institutions and international organizations or working in international environment. They share a common vision of the Republic of Macedonia as a new emerging economy integrated with the regional and world markets. They are ready to devote time and the best of their knowledge to see how this vision becomes reality.

Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation Studiorum Contributions

The Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation Studiorum is an NGO dealing with the theoretical aspects of the EU integration and globalization processes that are of essential importance for the region of South-east Europe. Currently, it is organized in three departments that are working on surveys, transfer of knowledge and consulting, namely Poverty Reduction and Social Microfinance Department, Public Health Department and the New Technology and Global Media Implications Department.

Center for Research and Policy Making Contributions

CRPM is an independent, non-profit research and policy institute, created in recognition of the pressing need for independent, in-depth analysis of the complex issues involved in promoting stability and prosperity in Macedonia and South Eastern Europe. CRPM consists of experts from the country, working as researchers in the organization, as well as external consultants in close contact with the organization. CRPM wants to influence policy makers and public opinion to accept certain solutions as to how to resolve the key issues in the country. It has no party, political or any other organizational affiliation. The Organization aims at filling an important gap in the regional civil society environment, which lacks institutions directed at monitoring and critically viewing the policy-making process and its output from an informed and educated point of view, while at the same time offering a forum for discussion and publishing of works dealing with this subject matter. The standpoint from which it approaches certain issues is principled. The organization considers peace and stability as the first principles that should reign in the Balkan countries, and believes that the major political goal of Macedonia is the integration with the European Union.

Open Society Institute Macedonia Contributions

The Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia (FOSIM) was founded in 1992 as a foreign entity representative office, and in 1999 as a national legal entity – foundation, in accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations. FOSIM is part of the Soros network in Central and Eastern Europe. Its mission is integration of Macedonia within as a prerequisite for EU integration. Dedicated to the promotion of an open society, FOSIM initiates supports and implements a wide spectrum of programs. The Foundation addresses its objectives by providing grants, awards, loans and other types of financial support on a one-time or continuing basis to individuals and legal entities that engage in activities consistent with the FOSIM mission. It also implements operational programs for the promotion of innovative ideas and for the development and growth of individuals and legal entities having activities relative to the FOSIM mission.