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CASE Ukraine - Center for Social and Economic Research Contributions

CASE Ukraine is an independent non-profit public organization, which specializes in economic research, macroeconomic policy analysis and forecasting. CASE Ukraine is a part of CASE network that includes analytical centers in Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus and Russia. CASE Ukraine is a successor to the Macroeconomic Reform Project of Harvard Institute of International Development, which was active in Ukraine during 1996-99. Since 1999, CASE Ukraine operates as an independent Ukrainian NGO. CASE Ukraine provides analytical and expert support to government and parliamentary institutions. Among our partners are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, State Property Fund, State Tax Administration, the National Bank of Ukraine and other state institutions. We also closely cooperate with international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Economic Forum, etc. CASE Ukraine experts take part in the formulation of economic reforms in the areas of fiscal and monetary policy, international trade and European integration. They have been also engaged in designing pension system restructuring and anti-corruption programs. CASE Ukraine sources of financing are diversified, which guarantees independence of our organization. Our activity is funded by the European Commission, UNDP, USAID, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the World Bank, as well as private sector. Our main principles are quality, credibility and nonpartisanship. We do not lobby for specific interests of political, business or other affiliated parties. Our research findings and recommendations are based solely on our expert assessments. Our mission is to assist the implementation of comprehensive economic reforms for sustainable development and welfare growth. Our diversified thematic specialization provides for completeness and conciseness of our research. We base our work on verified economic models, which guarantees high quality and credibility of our forecasts.

Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine Contributions

The Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine (CLRPU) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established in 2001 in Kyiv, Ukraine with a mission to provide policy, legal and information support on land related issues to the Government of Ukraine and local governments, Center's partners and members and other stakeholders. The CLRPU is well-recognised institution who takes a lead in providing independent policy advice and expertise in respect of transparent, effective, socially and ecologically responsible land management in Ukraine.

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Contributions

The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting was founded in October 1999 by top-ranking Ukrainian politicians and the German Advisory Group on Economic Reforms, which is part of Germany's TRANSFORM programme. The Institute is jointly financed by the Ukrainian and the German Government. It is in full operation since July 1st, 2000. Aims of the Institute: a) to establish an independent research organisation that will provide decision-makers, inside and outside government, with analyses of the Ukrainian economy and economic policies; b) to support the economic training and analytical capacity of Ukrainian scholars as potential economic reformers; c) to provide policy advice on the basis of sound economic research.

Institute of World Policy No contributions yet

The mission of the Institute of World Policy (IWP) is to inform and educate policy makers, experts, journalists, and the general public about events and trends in international relations as it concerns Ukraine and Ukraine’s foreign policy. The mission is based on the need to interpret and explain facts and behavior of Ukrainian political elites to foreign public, as well as to explain and interpret the global political, economic, military, and security contexts and institutions to Ukrainian spectators IWP aims at facilitating a tighter integration of the Ukrainian expert communities with international relations experts in other democratic states.

International Center for Policy Studies - Ukraine Contributions

The International Center for Policy Studies (ICPS) is one of Ukraine’s top independent think-tanks involved in developing and analyzing public policy. The ICPS Mission is to promote reforms, democratic principles of government, and social transformations in Ukraine on the basis of European integration. ICPS specializes in such areas as democratic governance, foreign policy, economic analysis and energy policy.

International Renaissance Foundation Contributions

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) was founded in April 1990. IRF is an integral part of the international Soros network comprising national and regional foundations in more than thirty countries around the world, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. These foundations share a common goal of supporting educational, social and legal initiatives that promote the development and establishment of an open society. IRF is Ukraine’s largest charity organization. It sees its main objective in providing financial and organizational assistance to the development of an open and democratic society in Ukraine by supporting essential civic initiatives in this area. The International Renaissance Foundation finances projects and programs, which foster the rebirth of national culture, democratization of education and assertion of civil society.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Contributions

After the breakup of the Soviet Union Ukraine inherited the old system of education with the Ministry of Higher, Secondary and Special Education of USSR at the head. After obtaining Ukraine’s Independence in 1991, there was a question on reforming and developing the national education in the state. The processes in Europe and in the world have determined new tasks and priorities in the sphere of education and science. These tasks have been imposed on the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, that is the main body in the central governmental agencies system and ensures the state policy implementation in the sphere of education, science, scientific technical, innovational activities and intellectual property, directs and coordinates activity of other bodies of executive power on these directions.

Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies Contributions

The Razumkov Centre is a non-governmental think tank which was founded in 1994. It carries out research of public policy in such spheres as domestic policy, state administration, economic policy, energy, land relations, foreign policy, social policy, international and regional security, national security and defence. The Razumkov Centre united experts in the fields of economy, energy, law, political sciences, international relations, military security, land relations, sociology, history and philosophy. In 2004, on the International Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland) the Razumkov Centre was named the best non-governmental organisation of Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research Contributions

The Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR) is a non-partisan non-governmental think tank aiming at providing analysis of domestic and foreign policy, as well s providing information support and consulting to democratic institutions in Ukraine. Activities: The goals of the UCIPR are to contribute to formation of civil society institutions in Ukraine: political parties, trade unions, NGOs, and deepening the level of interaction of the state and those institutions. Since 1991, the UCIPR has analyzed of home and foreign policy and providing information and technical assistance to democratic NGOs in Ukraine. The UCIPR also helps to establish contacts between Ukrainian politicians who influence societal events, and their foreign colleagues, using its established links with international think tanks and implementation of joint research projects. UCIPR is active in all key areas of the Ukrainian society. It has produced numerous publications that offer information about participants of civic movements and political parties, cover activities of representatives of political parties in the parliament, discuss the legal framework for activities of political parties, the course of the administrative reform, the issues of media freedom, etc.